Mud War

Mud Proof

The off-road world as never been seen before. Luca Traina in search of the perfect off-road vehicle


Simone Chiesa
Paolo Bertazza

Author and host

Luca Traina


Simone Rivoire


Diego Volpi
Luca Traina

Produced by

Davide Valentini
Diego Volpi

Executive Producer

Luca Finardi

Production Manager

Danilo Losi

Running time

Season 1 (6×44’)




Discovery Italia
Motor Trend

Beyond the trees, far from civilization, from the law and, most of all, from the DMV, there is a place filled by legendary workshops, ginormous mountains, wild nature and a lot of mud. In this land of engines, freedom, off-road racing and eternal glory, men with different social backgrounds, ages and origin, are a part of a huge community scattered throughout the country. This place is called Mud War.

Mud War is a motoring series about Italian off-road culture: the host Luca Traina explores the world of 4×4 cars and takes on many challenges through different and hostile terrains. In each episode the host will travel to a new location, and led by a local off-road club, he will tackle a challenging route with a different legendary 4×4 car.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 108 –
10128 Torino

Via Bligny 12B –
10122 Torino
VAT: IT09720110015